Waratah starts safety courses


Free training courses are being offered by Waratah to help contractors and their staff work more safely around processing and harvesting heads in the forest and at workshops...

And you don’t have to own a Waratah branded head to benefit – they’re available for anyone, regardless of what they run.

Jules Larsen, General Manager Waratah Forestry Attachments, Asia Pacific and Africa, told NZ Logger that the idea for the courses arose from concerns about a lack of awareness of hazards in regard to safely operating and maintaining heads.

There have been reports of people being injured, and even one death in Australia, as a result of failure to observe safe working practices when carrying out repairs and maintenance. The danger of flying fragments, known as chain shot, has also been widely raised in the industry and led to a number of initiatives (see article on page 21).

To address these concerns, Waratah is offering a free training course out in the forest or at contractor workshop bases using its own technical staff.

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