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However, the 20-plus units operated by Lower Hutt-headquartered Macaulay Metals put the lie to that idea. 

Dating back to 2005, the fleet’s colour scheme is eyecatching and contemporary, and fully justifies its choice as this month’s finalist in the PPG Transport Imaging Awards.

The visual impact of the black, orange and grey Macaulay livery is so strong that it would be easy to assume it was designed by a professional, outside agency...but in fact it was worked-up inhouse.

As Macaulay’s managing director Jeff Harris points out, it’s a case of having people in the business who are passionate about what they do: “And we’ve been lucky to attract that sort of person. Their minds churn over and they’ll come in of a morning all excited about an idea that’s come to them while outside the work environment. 

“Rob Abraas, who worked for us at the time and came up with the colour scheme, was a perfect example.”  

The paint scheme wasn’t developed from nowhere, but was triggered by a professional commission to the Wellington office of Cato Brand Partners, to design a new logo for the company. 

The result was simple but effective – a cog wheel, angled inside an arrowed circle, evoking the principle of recycling. And the logo’s colours were translated to the new fleet livery, which previously had been mainly white.

As an aside, the frontage of the Hutt HQ features a large steel cog similar to the one in the logo, and weighing over three tonnes. It’s welded to a solid steel, round post set in the ground and acts as a material expression of the company logo. 

Jeff Harris says the concept is now about to be taken indoors as well: “We’ve acquired a nuggety bronze cog that looks pretty much the same, though it’s quite a lot smaller and lighter. We’re planning to get it polished up and mounted in our foyer....

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